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Grand View Beef

Cast Iron Seasoning

Cast Iron Seasoning

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This natural blend is ideal for initial seasoning and/or daily upkeep of your cast iron pans. Made by Mossycup Farms, another local farmer, who uses our grass fed tallow as an ingredient. 

Ingredients: Grand View Beef grass-fed tallow, Mossycup Farms pasture raised lard, beeswax from local Iowa beekeepers.

Directions for seasoning cast iron pan:

1. Wash your pan. Scrub it with salt to get any stuck bits off and rinse.

2. Let pan dry. Use a paper towel to apply the seasoning oil evenly.

3. Place oiled pan in oven at 375 F for an hour. Leave pan in oven to cool.

Packaged: 1.5 Ounce Tin

Photo provided by Mossycup Farms

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