The highest quality 100% grass fed beef with the highest quality care.

For more than 100 years, the Severson family has been farming in Clarion, Iowa and calling Grand View Farm and Ranch home. In 1996, Troy and Beth Severson began raising Horned Hereford cattle on pasture. In 2017, their son, Knute, and his wife, Amanda, returned to the farm with the desire to bring our family’s 100% grass fed beef to your table. Today we remain passionately committed to stewarding God’s cattle and soil and sharing our family’s calling with you. By doing so, we hope to provide the next generation in our family the same opportunity.

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We ship our meat to the Central United States!

Receive a box of our family raised beef delivered right to your door. Your meat is shipped on Monday in a compostable cooler with dry ice and arrives to you within two days.

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Regenerative Agriculture

As stewards of God's creation, we firmly believe in leaving the soil better than we found it. That is why we use practices like intensive rotational grazing, where we move cattle in small paddocks almost daily from May through October. This increases soil health, captures carbon, increases rainfall absorption, restores wildlife habitat, and ultimately leads to healthier cattle.

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  • Best I’ve ever had!

    I’ve been sourcing grass fed meat for a number of years and the beef I’ve gotten from Grand View is hands down the best I’ve ever had. Their bones also make for the best, most flavorful bone broth. No broth I’ve made with bones from other sources has gelled as much either so I know I’m getting the health benefits of a lot of collagen from this broth as well. I’m so glad to have found a local source for such high quality beef and plan to continue to buy mine here. I can’t recommend Grand View enough!

    - Angela

  • First grass fed experience

    Fantastic tasting beef, and wonderful people. The grass fed ground beef and ribeyes were our first grassfed experience and it was well worth the wait.

    - Brittany

  • These are great people!!

    Rave goes out to Grand View Beef for amazing product and service! We recently purchased a 1/4 beef from them and received free delivery, great tasting product (along with cooking tips sheet), and a hand written note with their appreciation of our purchase! So nice to experience gratitude/small town values along with an invitation to bring our grandchildren out to see them feed the cows and see their farm! These are great people!!

    - Cheryl

  • Well worth the money!

    It is vitally important to us that we feed our family locally raised, high quality 100% grass fed beef. We have found the grass fed ground beef from Grand View Beef to be the best we have ever had. It is lean and extremely full of flavor! What a blessing to know that we can trust every package of meat we open to be top quality and well worth the money!

    - Becky