• 100% GRASS FED

    Calves are born on pasture and a calf’s diet consists of its mother’s milk and pasture grass. At approximately eight months, calves are weaned and fed hay throughout the winter. In April/May, we move them to pasture and use intensive rotational grazing practices through October. We then repeat the process another winter and summer. Our guidelines for raising 100% Grass Fed meat follow the USDA FSIS compliance guide and are approved by the USDA.


    Our animals have never and will never receive antibiotics for the purpose of stimulating their growth or diet. If one of our animals becomes ill, we administer antibiotics to ensure we are treating our animals humanely and they are receiving the medication they need.

    Those animals are recorded as being in-eligible for harvest until twice the regular withdrawal period of the antibiotic according to the guidelines listed on the medication and by the USDA.


    We raise Hereford cattle. Hereford cattle are among the most docile of cattle breeds. They are able to adapt to any situation around them and remain relaxed, which leads to better meat quality. They thrive in Iowa’s cold winter climate, and shed their thick coats in the summer time to remain cool in the Midwest heat. We follow the guidelines set in place by the American Hereford Association for identifying the Hereford breed in our animals. We also track and maintain genealogy and pedigree records on all of our cattle, including our bulls used for breeding.


    Our animals have never and will never receive added hormones.


    All Grand View Beef cattle are born, raised, and finished by the Severson family on our farm in Iowa. We take great pride in our animal husbandry practices that ensures our animals remain calm and lead a very humane life. When it is time for harvest, we take animals to a family-owned, USDA processor. An inspector is on site for each harvest to ensure the beef is of high quality and safe to consume.


    Our beef is always dry aged 14 days. This means it hangs in a humidity-controlled room with air flow at just-above-freezing temperatures after harvest for 14 days. This increases the tenderness and flavor.


    Each Grand View Beef product has a lot code in the top right corner of the label. This code is assigned at the time of harvest and enables us to trace back to the exact animal that was harvested. That also means we can tell you the mother, father, grandmother, and grandfather of that animal.