• severson family owners of grand view beef
  • Knute & Amanda Severson | Owners, Grand View Beef

    Knute was raised on a century family farm in Iowa and had big dreams to work for a sports team. Amanda grew up in Washington State with no ag experience and also dreamed of working for a sports team. Our paths led us to the Seattle Seahawks, where we both interned during the 2015-2016 season. Cue falling in love, long distance, and the true definition of the saying “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.” Knute realized he didn’t like the city and moved home to start a beef business. Amanda realized she loved Knute and moved to Iowa. We married in 2017 and moved into Knute’s great-grandfather’s home on the farm. In May 2020, we welcomed our son, Harbor Jack to the crew. In September 2022, our daughter Luella Lova arrived.

    We are blessed God has given us the opportunity to live this life together. We’re grateful we get to share a piece of that with you through Grand View Beef.

  • Troy & Beth Severson | Owners, Grand View Farm & Ranch

    Knute's parents, Beth and Troy Severson, have been raising Horned Hereford cattle on their century family farm in Iowa for more than 25 years. They continue to run the cow/calf operation today. Since the beginning, they've focused on the highest of animal husbandry practices - moving cattle by horseback, giving access to pasture year-round, and humanely handling the animals throughout their time on the ranch. In the winter, Troy feeds the cows with a team of Belgian draft horses.

    Beth and Troy raise all of the calves for Grand View Beef, ensuring that our beef is always raised from birth to harvest by a member of the Severson family.